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Hi, thanks for visiting my online recipe journal.

My name is Maya, I live in Adelaide South Australia with my husband and two beautiful adopted retired racing greyhounds.

TriedandTrue was originally born out of the frustration of losing recipes that I have made in the past and not remembering where I have got them from in order to make them again, so in this way I am making my own online recipe book.

Also I thought it would be nice to share a collection of recipes that a novice baker such as myself has tried and proven to be true- hence TriedandTrue.com.au.

I am no master chef- I work full time in allied health- that’s about as far away from the culinary arts as you can get- but if I can do it- you can too! Every recipe on this website is something I have made myself, so I can attest to its reliability.  If it doesn’t work, i’ll fix the recipe and make it again until it does work. Everything I learn in the course of a recipe I will pass on to you- and often with step-by-step photos. I learn a little more with each recipe I make, and it’s incredibly rewarding. The only problem is finding people to eat it all!

Another reason I am starting this site is the fact that in the past I have made a recipe, twice, only to find it was missing a vital ingredient. And it was a cake for my mother in laws birthday! It was from one of those professional recipe sites which members can also contribute, I became very disenchanted with unreliable online recipe sites with no accountability.  On this site i have made everything- it works.

My recipes will be relatively easy for a moderate cook.

My recipes will be converted into Australian measurements, Australian temperatures and with products easily found in Australia. Sometimes it can be frustrating to find an awesome recipe only to find it’s started with some kind of packet mix, or brand of something from another country we just don’t have.

I would love recipe suggestions or ideas from subscribers and feel free to contact me with any opportunities.

Happy Baking!

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