Fluffy Pikelets

Fluffy Pikelets Recently a few people have asked me how I make my pancakes.  The answer is really quickly, really easily and really often! My husband is the biggest pancake fiend in the southern hemisphere, so i have had a fair bit of practise with this “gourmet” breakfast! My Fluffy Pancakes are actually Fluffy PIKELETS (Australia/NZ […]

Super Quick Waffles

These are a no-fuss super quick waffle recipe. Great for days or nights when you want a waffle, but just don’t feel like whipping egg-whites and you just want it in your belly- and quick! This recipe comes from the divine Martha Stewart. The woman can’t go wrong… well… not in the kitchen. This recipe […]


Monkeybread. Well, something with a name this unusual must be good! Think little balls of warm cinnamon doughnut, freshly baked in a bundt tin. Brown sugar, cinnamon and butter melting together to form a warm cinnamon glaze. Bits can be easily pulled apart with sticky fingers by hungry little monkeys. Some versions of this recipe […]