Gingerbread Cheesecake

Christmas=Gingerbread This Cheesecake is about as gingerbready as i could get it to be. It’s pretty darn good. For the gingerbread lover and the cheesecake lover it is the best of both worlds! A crumbled gingerbread base with a no-bake cheesecake filling mixed with all the things that make gingerbread tasty (golden syrup brown sugar, […]


  I have made this Gingerbread recipe so many times. It’s reliable, easy and delicious! My husband is a serious gingerbread lover, so it normally only lasts a day in our house… A few tips for Gingerbread: Roll it thin, about 3-4mm. If you are using a delicate cookie cutter (eg- I have one that […]

Shortbread Cookies

Traditional Scottish shortbread is made in a slab, scored and broken into pieces. This shortbread cookie recipe is a twist on the traditional shortbread recipe, perhaps slightly different proportions. Everything always tastes better bite sized, and these are no exception! You already have the ingredients in your cupboard, why not give this recipe a go. […]