Slow Cooker Cinnamon Scrolls

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Cinnamon Scroll lovers listen up!

What if I told you that you could make your real home-made cinnamon scrolls with yeast without doing a double rise?? And what if i told you that it could be prepped in well under an hour and then you can walk away?

Well it’s true! Use your SLOW COOKER!! It really works. And it frees up your oven so you can be doing other things- eg CHRISTMAS MORNING BREAKFAST!

You can make the dough the night before too, leave it wrapped in gladwrap in the refrigerator, and roll it out and put the cinnamon scrolls on in the morning for an easy breakfast/brunch for friends. It will be cold so may take a little longer to cook if you do it this way.

If you’re a cinnamon scroll novice and the no yeast Quick Cinnamon Scrolls Recipe doesn’t appeal and you really want to use yeast, try this recipe. Don’t forget I have  Chocolate Quick Scrolls Recipe too (also yeast free).

As for a topping for these delicious scrolls. You can try a variety of topping other than the icing recipe one i have posted here. Eg the Vanilla Bean Syrup from this recipe here. Or just plain maple syrup or even honey!

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Scrolls


  • 3/4 Cup Milk
  • 1 packet of Dry Yeast (2 and 1/4 teaspoons)
  • 1/4 cup White Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon White Sugar, Extra
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 45 grams Unsalted Butter, melted and slightly cooled
  • 1 large Egg
  • 2 and 3/4 cups Plain Flour
  • Cinnamon Filling
  • 75 grams Unsalted Butter, Very Soft but not melted
  • 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon Powder
  • 1/3 Cup White Sugar
  • Maple Icing Glaze
  • 1 and 1/4 Cups (150g) Pure Icing Sugar, sifted
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup (or 1 tsp Vanilla)
  • 2 Tablespoons Milk


  1. Warm the milk in a small saucepan over low heat until on the hotter side of lukewarm, warm enough that you can dip your finger in and hold it there. If you over heated the milk let it sit until slightly cooler.
  2. Transfer the warm milk to a large bowl.
  3. Add the Extra 1 teaspoon of Sugar and the yeast, stir lightly and cover with a tea towel to proof.
  4. After 5-10 minutes yeast should have foamed telling you it is active. If this hasn't happened- buy new yeast.
  5. Using an electric mixer, beat in the Sugar, Salt, Butter, Eggs and 2 Cups of the Flour until combined. Add the remaining flour bit by bit until the dough is pulling away from the sides of the bowl. You will want to switch to a wooden spoon for this bit if using a handheld mixer. You will probably need all of the flour but you don't want it to be too stiff.
  6. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, knead for 2 minutes.
  7. Now let the dough rest for 10 minutes whilst you prepare the slow cooker.
  8. Line the slow cooker with baking paper, have enough at the sides so that you will be able to lift the whole thing out easily once cooked. Grease the scroll side of the paper thoroughly using butter or non-stick spray.
  9. Roll the dough out to a 30x40cm rough rectangle.
  10. Filling
  11. Brush the rectangle with the very soft butter- all over.
  12. Whisk the Cinnamon and Sugar together until thoroughly combined.
  13. Then using a mesh sieve, evenly sprinkle the sugar/cinnamon mixer all over the buttered dough.
  14. Roll up very tightly from the long edge, then cut into 12 even slices.
  15. Arrange in bottom of prepared slowcooker so that ends touch another roll (so they don't unroll).
  16. Place paper towels over the top of the slow cooker (must be paper towels) this is IMPORTANT to absorb condensation- you don't want soggy scrolls. Then place the lid on the slow cooker.
  17. Cook for about 2 hours on high. As each slow cooker varies you will need to judge when your scrolls are done. Mine was actually under 2 hours. They will be super puffy and cooked through- not doughy at all.
  18. Remove from slow cooker by pulling out with the baking paper. Place on a wire rack to cool a little whilst you make the glaze.
  19. Maple Icing Glaze
  20. In a small bowl, whisk the Icing Sugar, Milk and Maple syrup together until a nice thick glaze forms. Add extra milk if you want it runnier.
  21. Serve with Maple glaze drizzled over the top.

This recipe comes from the wonderful SALLY’s Baking Addiction


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