Apple Berry Crumble

So a good old fashioned Apple Crumble is a family favourite- and definitely one of mine. This Apple Berry Crumble is a slight twist on the regular Apple Crumble, feel free to omit the berries if you just like apple. This one has a bit of a twist by adding strawberries. You can try raspberries […]

Apple Blueberry Bread

If you love Blueberries, you might just find this Apple Blueberry Bread is your new favourite blueberry recipe. Apple Blueberry Bread is a very quick way to whip up some quick morning tea. You just need to wait for it to bake… Toast each slice to perfection and serve warm. If you’re not going to […]

Apple Cranberry Cake

Possibly the fruitiest cake you will ever taste- besides a Christmas fruit cake- a total of three cups of fruit in one loaf tin! Super moist and delicious, incredibly quick and easy to whip up too. Give this Apple Cranberry Cake a go, its very hard to go wrong and it’s pretty healthy as far […]