Cranberry Nut Caramel Tarts

This recipe for Cranberry Nut Caramel Tarts comes straight from Joy Of Baking. The most helpful baking website on the interwebs. If you’ve never been there go now! She has many step by step videos now too. I have learnt so much from her- and still am. If you’ve been to Costco and bought frozen […]

Salted Caramel Sauce.

Salted Caramel is kinda the in thing at the moment. Still. This recipe for Salted Caramel Sauce will fulfill all your Salted Caramel needs 🙂 This recipe is for Caramel that  sets firm but can be microwaved for 30 seconds to make it runny enough to pour. Great for additions to deserts. By using Unsalted […]

Perfect Pecan Pie

Pecans… If you ever get a hold of them at a reasonable price you must make this recipe! It requires 2 cups of Pecans (250grams- about 2 average supermarket packets). It’s absolutely brilliant! This pie speaks for itself. It’s easy. Delicious. Simple. A little time consuming because of blind baking the pastry. You can always […]