Coconut Cherry Upside Down Cake

    Soooooo… I might have a bit of a thing for upside down cakes. And fruit. This upside down cake recipe base is great because it has coconut in it. It is delicious and has a delicate crumb. You could definitely use it for a pineapple upside down cake too. This recipe uses one jar […]

Black Forest Cake

In Germany true Black Forest Cake is known as “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” and using Kirsch liqueur is mandatory, for the rest of the world, kirsch is optional. This recipe uses sour cherries, hence no kirsch is required, but it’s always nice if you have it! Black Forest Cake to most people pretty much refers to a Chocolate cake, cut […]

Choc Cherry Pie

There are few things in life better than cherries, and even fewer things better than a good Cherry Pie. Now just imagine a Cherry Pie with a Chocolate Pastry! Choc Cherry Pie! Even better- you can make this pie all year round with Jars of Morello (sour) Cherries. This pie is worth every second of […]