Chocolate Zucchini Bread

If you’re looking for a way to feed your kids Zucchini, or you have an abundance of homegrown ones and are wondering what to do with them, this Yummy double Chocolate Zucchini Bread with choc chips, is a great way to use them up and enjoy a not-so-unhealthy chocolaty treat! Best served warm, or microwave […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Yet another thing you can make with left over pumpkin, or just a way to hide vegetables in your childrens food. Pumpkin holds a fair bit of moisture, so this cake stays moist due to the pumpkin content. This Chocolate pumpkin Cake recipe uses mashed, cooked pumpkin, however you may also process the cooked pumpkin […]

Chocolate Friands

  Friands with a rich Chocolatey twist! Friands are such an easy recipe, it’s very very hard to get them wrong, and they’re so quick so you can whip them up on short notice, and they always look so impressive and cute. These Chocolate Friands are dense and fudgy 🙂 For the actual Friand you […]

Cocoa Brownies

Unlike my other recipe (Adults Only Bittersweet Cocoa Brownies) these brownies are more subtle, but still very chocolatey. Once again using only a pantry staple (Cocoa) and no chocolate. These are a great all-round brownie, perfect for frosting and serving cold, or serving hot as a desert with caramel and ice cream etc… I like mine […]

Choc Date Coconut Balls- Raw Vegan

Super Quick and Super Easy! You can modify almost any ingredient in this recipe. If it sticks together and it tastes good then you can roll pretty much any ingredients into delicious snacks! You can substitute dried cranberries, berries, apricots- add in seeds and nuts, lemon or orange rind, cocoa, and roll the balls in […]