I have made this Gingerbread recipe so many times. It’s reliable, easy and delicious! My husband is a serious gingerbread lover, so it normally only lasts a day in our house… A few tips for Gingerbread: Roll it thin, about 3-4mm. If you are using a delicate cookie cutter (eg- I have one that […]

Chewy Choc Chip Apricot Cookies

  These Chewy Choc Chip Apricot Cookies (or biscuits) combine a few of my favourite things. Dried apricots, chocolate, coconut and oats. Deliberately underbaked so that they remain soft and chewy, these are a great snack. Incredibly easy, essentially mix everything into the one bowl and use a cookie scoop for consistent sizing. (a cookie […]


Snickerdoodle. I just love saying that word. These cookies are an American favourite, great with a glass of milk. Some say they are originally of German origin. Snickerdoodles are a sugary cinnamon cookie which have a distinct tang from the cream of tartar. This recipe ensures the cookies are soft on the inside and lightly crunchy on the outside- even […]